ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

Google and Levi's tech-enabled Jacquard jacket feels like the future

Wearable tech gets a solid review from a Mashable editor who, for a few days, wore the new Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google. The jacket's left sleeve allows wearers to tap or swipe on a designated area woven with conductive thread. Abilities like tapping and swiping can be assigned actions, like skipping a song or relaying navigation instructions. Click here to read more.

YouTube's Technology Can Now Spit Out Thousands of Different Video Ads at Once

New targeting options have been added to the marketer's YouTube toolbox. The Custom Affinity Audiences tool lets marketers target searches and zero in on intent-based keywords. The targeting parameters have also expanded to include other apps the consumed may have downloaded, or locations they've been. Brands can also upload creative templates and assets and have "tens, hundreds or even thousands" of custom ads for specific audiences. Click here to read more. 

Apple starts collecting browsing data in Safari using its differential privacy tech

Apple's release of High Sierra OS this week includes interesting updates for Safari – including data collection to identify websites that crash the browser. The differential privacy method leaves users' personal data alone while collecting broad data that will provide insight into user habits and patterns. The data-sharing will remain an opt-in for users. Click here to read more. 

Baseball pitches augmented reality to catch fans

Sports fans may be getting another method for crunching statistics while partaking in the game. Apple and Major League Baseball are working on an alternative reality feature that will debut in 2018. Using MLB's At Bat mobile app, users would be able to hold the phone up to a game and get metrics and trivia – appealing to both casual fans and sports devotees. Click here to read more.

Snapchat's new filters make your photo backgrounds look surreal

Snapchat continues to utilize augmented reality in its filters, like its latest offering, Sky Filter. When the app detects a sky background, the filter options will present multiple versions of artistic skies, initially ranging from starry nights to sunsets or rainbows. Click here to read more.

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