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Smart dancing shoes make sure you don't have two left feet

Leveraging the Internet of Things for a little bit of boogie, a new startup crowdfunding campaign aims to bring smart shoes to the uncoordinated masses. Dubbed "Rhythm Shoes," wearers get vibrations and real-time guidance to learn dance steps. Sensors help users analyze their progress and the shoes synch with an app that can provide visuals. Click here to read more. 

Netflix will reportedly launch a choose-your-own-adventure show later this year

Content creator and streaming service Netflix is reportedly developing programming that will allow viewers to control the plot lines of shows. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed the company's exploration of interactive shows. The technology would allow viewers to choose to follow certain narratives or choose different linear plots. Click here to read more.

Lyft offers ride hailing for developers to use in their apps

While on-demand ride-hailing service Lyft has already provided third-party integration, this month marks a move toward new ways to call a car. Using a dispatch developer program, the company allows its services to be used by those without a smartphone or Lyft account. The new integration options mark a business transition toward logistics rather than transportation. Click here to read more.

Pizza Hut Made 'Pie Tops,' With a Button on the Tongue to Order Pizza, for March Madness

The bar is raised. The pizza is on the way. In celebration of March Madness, Pizza Hut teamed up with the custom sneaker maker Dominic Chambrone. By pressing a pizza icon on the tongue of limited-edition high top sneakers, wearers are connected with a Pie Tops app to order pizza. While anyone can access the Pie Tops app through multiple smart devices, only 64 pairs of the Pie Top-connected sneakers were made. Click here to read more.

Self-Driving Cars Might Need Standards, but Whose?

As self-driving car technology gets closer to consumer release, developers and automotive engineers will need to find common ground on platforms and materials. Centralization could bring cost savings and standardization could affect software choices. Industry titans, however, are opposed to one-size-fits-all systems, saying they'd inhibit innovation. Click here to read more.

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