Universal Answers? They’re in the Matrix

Do you know every type of communication that your customers are getting from your company? Do you know who's sending it, when they're getting it and how they're getting it? Did they request the communications, or is your company initiating contact based on customer information? 

You might not have all those answers at your fingertips, but one of the first things we do when we engage with an enterprise company is to create a communication matrix. That information-rich graphic allows us to see how you communicate with customers across the enterprise. Using the matrix, we can sort out what business units are sending communications to customers, and what channels they use to do so.  

This short video explains the information that goes into the matrix, and what we can devise from it once complete: 

Interested in creating a full view of your company's communications in order to find opportunities for efficiency and optimizing the customer experience? Click here to see an example of how we sort communications in the matrix.

About the Author: 
Eric V. Holtzclaw is  Chief Strategist  of PossibleNOW. He's a researcher, writer, serial entrepreneur and challenger-of-conventional wisdom. His book with Wiley Publishing on consumer behavior - Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior - hit bookstores in the summer of 2013. Eric helps strategically guide companies with the implementation of enterprise-wide preference management solutions.

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