New Year, New Commitments

If one of your resolutions in 2017 was to enhance engagement, you're in the right place. While everyone else is still paying off gym memberships in order to run on treadmills to nowhere for their personal resolutions, you can set forth on professional resolutions and be confident that that you're well on your way to a solid 2017.

Instead of classes and diets, CMOs are buying software, engaging consultants and (gulp) seeking buy-in from skeptical CEOs. In the gym, the search for fitness might begin with push-ups, the stair-stepper or perhaps some good old-fashioned weights.

In the CMO's office, the solution is murkier. A clever social media campaign? A bigger investment in display advertising? A new in-store customer service training program?

For many enterprises, the journey to engagement must begin with listening to and learning from its audience. Without the basic ability to hear what consumers want and respond to their wishes, every other engagement initiative is doomed to fail. We call this preference management – the active collection and distribution of preferences such as product interest, channel preference and frequency of communication.

These preferences are not derived by profile data, purchase history or where they are on your website; rather, they are expressly stated by the consumer themselves. In other words, preference management means giving your customers and prospects the ability to conveniently communicate with your company, recording the information in a central location and acting on what they say. 

Sounds simple, right? In truth, it can be incredibly complex for an enterprise-level company with numerous customer touchpoints, departments, offerings and locations. As larger organizations delve into the topic, they soon discover why preference management is easier said than done. 

But who said getting in shape was easy? The point is that it is possible to make real progress on engagement when you start at the right place and move forward in incremental steps. For now, I invite you to consider your company's ability to collect, maintain and appropriately distribute customer and prospect information. Search this site for articles and videos on how to get started and don't hesitate to contact us to lean more. 

If engagement is your goal, preference management is your starting point. Welcome to the gym!

Rob Tate
As Vice President of Sales, Rob is responsible for growing the client base and market share and helping his sales team achieve their goals. He also develops partnership opportunities and industry relationships. Rob focuses on generating consistent results, utilizing sales and opportunity management tools and implementing best-of-class sales methodologies all of which have enabled him to build a scalable sales organization. He continually studies how metrics, leadership, culture, and innovation drive business value in the SaaS and marketing automation fields.

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