Being Human in the Age of Digital

Listen, remember and respond. That's how we communicate with one another. Wouldn't it be nice if companies could interact with us like our friends do, like other humans do? Too often, interacting with companies is cold, impersonal and frustrating. We get siloed or forgotten, or worse – called repeatedly from every department on the same day. Robotic, erratic, impersonal, right? Let's be human instead.

Of course we know that companies struggle to listen, remember and respond to individuals. There are many challenges for a single entity to do so, technical and organizational chief among them. When a customer "talks" to a company, whether via text, email or in-person in a retail environment, that information doesn't necessarily get filed away anywhere. But shouldn't it?

All this human-to-brand communication and not a data point to show for it. The result being that information is lost because the company doesn't have a way to store, share, react and communicate back to those customers in the future based on their stated preferences. To the customer, it appears that the company wasn't listening or simply doesn't care.

That lack of follow-through, or inability to follow-through, has consequences for customer experience, retention, efficiency, compliance and more. But more simply: It doesn't allow your company to react like a human.

Do you think your company is listening, remembering and responding to customers? For your company to feel human in the age of digital, they must gain control over communications.

In the coming weeks I'll discuss the challenges and solutions in communicating with your customers and how we can learn to listen, remember and respond.

Eric Tejeda is the Director of Product Marketing for PossibleNOW and CompliancePoint. Eric supports the organization’s growth objectives by productizing and launching innovative new products and services that fill critical needs in the marketplace. 

With 25 years of experience, Eric firmly believes that permission-based marketing and preference management is a mega trend and the path to success for marketers today. 

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