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Google now tells you when to book cheap flights and hotel rooms

Google's latest update to its travel tools includes improved information on pricing and predictive data that helps users decide if and when to purchase a flight. Using fares, historical data, and nearby airports or alternative travel dates, the notifications can suggest ways to find cheaper trips. Click here to read more. 

Your Phone's on Lockdown. Enjoy the Show.

Comedians, musicians and other entertainers are using special lockable pouches with phone-limiting technology by Yondr. While phones are enclosed, users are unable to use their phone – either taking a distracting call or making recordings of the performances. The pouches can be unlocked when the show is over and are gaining in popularity at schools, restaurants, wedding venues and movie screenings. Click here to read more.

Watch Charlie Rose interview a realistic-looking robot and ask her if she has feelings

Sophia, a robot with realistic facial expressions, moving lips and blinking eyes, has been programmed with enough artificial intelligence to converse about human emotions and her capability to feel them. Click here to read more.

Clinton camp resurrects dead Facebook tool

In 2012, the reelection campaign for President Barack Obama was able to leverage a Facebook tool that synchronized contact lists between phone contacts and users' Facebook friends. Two years ago Facebook removed the feature, which had allowed users to contact friends with campaign messages via personal text. However, the Clinton campaign has replicated the method using Facebook's iPhone app. Click here to read more.

How incentives are key to driving mobile wallet use

A survey by Points found that mobile wallets are gaining in popularity, with nearly 64 percent of consumers saying they've used one in the past year. One improvement users are after is integration with loyalty programs, and centralization for memberships in multiple loyalty programs. Click here to read more. 

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