Interpreting Preference Data: Analysis of Preference Collection and Management

Preference Management Video Series

Have you been keeping up with our videos for interpreting preference data? Last time Eric Holtzclaw walked us through hard and soft KPIs, without which we would have a hard time defining what success really looks like. Tangible ROIs make it possible to create reports, highlight trends and pinpoint opportunities for action.

By identifying and applying unique rules and measurements, you're able to give context to behavioral data. You're then able to leverage preference data as part of a broader set of initiatives to improve engagement.

Improving the preference management process is a question of listening to the broader themes behind individual choices. For example, reacting to a single customer's preferences about mobile messaging will ensure that customer stays happy. But a broader view of preferences may indicate that mobile messaging should be reconsidered. More effective strategies can then be built around the breadth and depth of self-reported data, impacting the levels of success that your business can reach.

Is your company read for transformational growth through customer loyalty and preferences?

If you haven't yet explored our Resource Center, you can download the Interpreting Preference Data whitepaper here.

Eric Tejeda is the Director of Product Marketing for PossibleNOW and CompliancePoint. Eric supports the organization‚Äôs growth objectives by productizing and launching innovative new products and services that fill critical needs in the marketplace. 

With 25 years of experience, Eric firmly believes that permission-based marketing and preference management is a mega trend and the path to success for marketers today. 

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