ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

Amazon to Add Dozens of Brands to Dash Buttons, but Do Shoppers Want Them?

With just the push of a button, Amazon's thumb-drive-sized Dash Buttons enable shoppers to reorder favorite products as they begin to run low—and now users have 50 more brands to choose from. Marketed toward use of recurring items like laundry detergent, dog treats or toilet paper, the devices have increased available offerings, but data isn't clear on how frequently the buttons are used. (The Dash Buttons also face competition from Amazon's virtual assistants, which can help with automatic re-orders.) Click here to read more. 

Facebook Offers Tools for Those Who Fear a Friend May Be Suicidal

Facebook is unrolling tools that allow users to flag a friend's status they believe warrants intervention. For posts appearing suicidal, users can alert Facebook's review team who can then communicate with and provide resources to the user at risk. While mental health professionals are applauding the move, the social network is navigating digital privacy and overreach into personal lives. Click here to read more. 

Even launches $99 earphones that adjust to your hearing

Using tiny microphones within the earphone, Even is able to run wearers through 8 frequency tests in 90 seconds, setting them up for a personalized audio experience. The company's CEO is a classically trained composer and was frustrated that headphones don't account for the different ways people hear sounds, even between left and right ears. Click here to read more. 

Amazon's Alexa Now Lets Users Turn On New Skills By Voice Command

Amazon's virtual assistant software, Alexa, continues to grow its number of abilities. Previously users had to set up new skills using an app, but improvements now mean users can use a voice command to enable the skills, just as they do to request any other response. The software's skill set has grown nearly 50 percent in a month and boasts 1,400 skills, up from 1,000 skills in early June. Click here to read more. 

Facebook Is Now Recommending Events Based on Human Opinions, Not Algorithms

Select cities will have expanded events recommendations on Facebook, the social network announced. In addition to algorithm-based featured events—based on friends and interests—Facebook's new featured events team will highlight entertainment, arts, family, fitness, food, learning, music, sports events and more. The team will include factors like location and capacity, but not whether the event paid for advertising. Click here to read more.

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