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Apps to Manage Passwords So They Are Harder to Crack Than 'Password'

Yet another study reiterates that the average password is easy enough for a hacker, or in some cases, a child, to crack. The series "123456" was even a high-frequency password, meaning that more people should be using password managers-an app that requires a single master password to unlock other randomized versions. Users may want to compare apps to meet their preferences for usage. Click here to read more.

Coors Light Is Offering Neighborhood-Specific Mobile Music to New Yorkers

Beverage titan MillerCoors will partner with music-identification app Shazam and out-of-home marketing vendor Intersection to synchronize location-based data on what songs are popular in specific NYC neighborhoods. Kiosks will then offer street-specific playlists of 10 songs, refreshed every 15 minutes, for passersby when they open the Shazam app. Click here to read more.

Canvs Raises $5.6M To Help TV Networks Track Viewers' Emotions

A new company aims to measure consumers' emotions on social media, leveraging the information for TV networks, media agencies and more to measure audience response. Rather than noting how many watched, data will show how those who did felt about it. The technology can sort out nuances of language using slang, emojis and even misspellings. Click here to read more.

Amazon brings its Prime Now restaurant delivery service to Chicago

Amazon Prime members in Chicago join fellow members in Los Angeles, Austin, Portland and Seattle, who can get one-hour and two-hour deliveries on a variety of items, including restaurants. The retail giant leverages its logistics arm to offer delivery from local eateries' menus to 18 zip codes. The restaurant delivery option is expected to continue expanding to more U.S. cities. Click here to read more.

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