ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

Fitbit guns for the workplace as it achieves HIPAA compliance

Fitbit's recently earned HIPAA certification clears the way for the wearable device to gain traction in corporate wellness programs. Secured health information includes names, birthdates, contact information and device identifiers are protected data. The company announced that it was adding Target's 335,000 employees to its client list, providing its $59 tracker for free to the retailers employees. Click here to read more.

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay Now Available to Customers Nationwide

Following an initial launch in select U.S. cities, Starbucks recently announced a new feature on their app that allows customers to order and pay ahead for drinks. The app triangulates the customer's location and allows them to choose the nearest store on a map, prompting them for a drink or food order and providing a timeframe of when the order will be ready. Click here to read more.

Macy's Unveils New 'Millennials' Shopping Floor

Macy's flagship location in New York City will feature a new shopping area for millennials, dubbed "one below." The basement-level area will feature specific brands at accessible price points and will feature technology integration like outlets in seating, a selfie camera that posts to social networks, and an interactive Instagram wall that will show rotating images of what other shoppers are buying. Click here to read more.

Google Unveils New Devices to Connect Smartphone and TV

Google's streaming service, Chromecast, announced new streaming devices-one for televisions, another for speakers. The service is intended to link smartphones to TVs and speakers, allowing consumers extended use of apps on other platforms. The devices are compatible with thousands of apps and the company has so far sold 20 million. Click here to read more.

Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist has a bug, and users aren't happy

The popular curated-by-algorithm playlists that Spotify members see each Monday morning didn't show up the other week, leaving many unhappy who'd become accustomed to the service. The exclusive playlists personalize audio experiences and position the company to compete with rival Apple Music in the streaming music landscape. Click here to read more.

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