ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

This dental insurer knows exactly how often you brush your teeth

Connected toothbrushes distributed by Beam Technologies can report brushing data to a dental insurance plan, one of their new offerings. The plans will aim to lower the overall cost of insuring customers. So far consumers have embraced the providing data to be rewarded for healthy habits. Click here to read more.

Gmail will now automatically add Google Calendar events for emails with flight, hotel, restaurant, or ticket info

Gmail users who receive emails related to scheduled events will save a step in planning when the item is added to Google Calendar. Details like flight numbers and check-in times will be gathered from the message as well. "Events for Gmail" will be launched by default, though it can be disabled or individual events deleted. Click here to read more.

Ashley Madison hit with $500 million in lawsuits

Multiple lawsuits representing Jane and John Does are competing for class-action status. The suits allege that the Ashley Madison website and its parent company are in breach of contract for negligent data protection and violating privacy laws. In addition to leaked user profile data, the hackers provided internal documents suggesting that the companies knew of the insecurities. Click here to read more.

Verizon's Hum could boost connected car market

Drivers have a new option for connected cars - Hum, by Verizon, can give owners information about their car's health and request emergency assistance. Competitors offer different data connections, or services like coaching teen drivers, but the additional entrant to the industry may raise the profile of the devices themselves. Click here to read more.

Google Partners with Privacy-Centric Smartphone Maker

In a post-Snowden world, Silent Circle, a Geneva-based company that builds privacy-centric phones, has leveraged their technology and products to net a Google partnership. The phone encrypts calls, texts and data, and the next iteration will come with Google's Android for Work software. Click here to read more.

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