ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

New Facebook reporting tool aims to improve ad relevance

Advertisements on Facebook are being scrutinized - are you hot or not? Relevance scores will be on a scale of 1 to 10 and will be based on interaction and feedback on the ad. Higher scores means ads will be more visible because they're connecting to the right people, while ads with lagging scores can be tweaked during a campaign to improve performance. Click here to read more.

Mary Twinem of Buffalo Wild Wings: Customer service, technology draw 20-somethings

The popular restaurant has shown consistent growth for investors but two of their newest initiatives are particularly related to customer experience, not bottom lines. They believe that hiring guest experience captains (neither a host nor waitstaff) and utilizing technology at tables for guests to use during their visit will personalize visits and enhance long-term loyalty. Click here to read more.

Samsung Tweaks Television Policy Over Privacy Concerns

Responding to consumer worries about Samsung's smart TVs overhearing (and potentially logging) owners' private conversations in their homes, the company clarified that viewers must permit the devices to listen. Voice recognition capabilities meant that the TVs could eavesdrop to better learn verbal commands. Click here to read more.

Neiman Marcus Takes Customer Experience to Next Level with "Memory Mirror"

A new offering slowly unrolling in Neiman Marcus stores is a Memory Mirror, a giant video screen and camera that allows shoppers to try on, model, and then view their clothing from 360 degrees. The mirror's video file is security protected by password but can also be emailed to shoppers (and their friends if they want a second opinion). Click here to read more.

Report: Automakers Fail To Protect Connected Cars From Security, Privacy Hacks

Today new car models today come fully loaded with technology that makes personalized assistance possible - navigation, entertainment and roadside assistance, most commonly. Yet a recent report indicates that automakers lack security safeguards for that technology that could prevent hacks and theft. Click here to read more.

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