When the Customer Sees Behind the Curtain

Ever open your inbox and see a subject line that makes you cringe? Not the click-bait stuff, or the constant political fundraising asks, but the one that you can instantly identify as a poorly crossed marketing wire?

Like when I get "personalized" invitations to store openings in Los Angeles, or alerts that there's a sale on a collection of BPA-free teething toys. Folks, I'm based on the East coast sans infants.

Those unfortunate attempts at one-to-one marketing aren't just a head-shake for those of us already focused on personalized communications, it's also a watershed moment in the customer's experience with the brand.

According to a recent Gigya survey, 67 percent of respondents unsubscribe from an email list after receiving irrelevant information. Equally frightening - 43 percent of consumers ignore future communications, and apparently 20 percent are so incensed that they stop buying products from the company entirely! That means a single wrong email can, in theory, lose you a swath of customers who dispense punishment by dispensing with you.

Preference management - the active collection, maintenance and distribution of unique consumer characteristics, such as product interest, communication channel preference and frequency of communication - is a proactive way to understand your customer's wants and needs, as well as whether they would be interested in emails about teething rings or not.

When you can communicate with your customers on a personalized basis, you're able to focus on sending out the emails that best relate your brand to that particular customer. That means fewer opt-outs, more sales, marketing bliss.

Eric Tejeda is the Director of Product Marketing for PossibleNOW and CompliancePoint. Eric supports the organization’s growth objectives by productizing and launching innovative new products and services that fill critical needs in the marketplace. 

With 25 years of experience, Eric firmly believes that permission-based marketing and preference management is a mega trend and the path to success for marketers today. 

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