Momentum Consulting Services Speeds the Distance from Strategy to Execution

When we launched MyPreferences Momentum just six months ago, we knew we were addressing a significant need in the marketplace. Designed to help internal stakeholders build a business case and develop a plan for preference management implementation, Momentum projects fill the strategic gaps that often impede loyalty and compliance programming. We assumed this would be appealing to a number of CMOs and customer experience specialists who were bogged down in logistics and internal approvals.

Today, I'm pleased to report that we were right. In fact, the response to Momentum has exceeded our expectations. We’ve executed Momentum projects for leading companies in commercial air travel, insurance, financial services, agricultural manufacturing, payment processing and more.

In each instance, the process includes:

We're excited to grow our Momentum consulting practice in 2015 and help more and more companies speed the distance from planning to execution. To learn more about Momentum and how it might make a difference for your company, click here or give us a call at (800) 585-4888.

Jeff Jarvis, Vice President of Professional Services at PossibleNOW

Jeff has an extensive background in domestic and international business environments helping companies drive business growth, develop high-performance sales and service organizations and implement process best practices.

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