Increasing Click-Through Rates by Optimizing an Audience

With every new year, marketers reset their annual goals. Or, on occasion, have their goals reset for them. Regardless, it’s the season of big numbers and big ambitions. 

One priority on the wish list for marketers recently surveyed by Campaigner found that their 2015 resolution is to increase click-through rates on email marketing - more than half of surveyed marketing professionals listed it as their number one priority for the year. 

That priority caught my eye because while the metric we're focusing on might at first glance seem like the click itself, I think it’s really the consumer that warrants a closer look. 

Let's back up for a second: Click-throughs prove that content pushed to a customer is worthy of them, plain and simple. It means you’ve hit the sweet spot in the Venn diagram of educational and exciting - information that’s useful and warrants immediate gratification. When your company keeps this communications objective at the forefront, consumers are bound to click, click, click their way to you.

But how can you make sure the right content is getting to the right consumer? That’s the transaction we need to be watching. There’s little point in crafting the perfect message if it’s headed off into the ether of the Internet with no target in mind. It’s preference management, the active collection, maintenance and distribution of unique consumer characteristics, such as product interest, communication channel preference and frequency of communication that can assist a brand in fine-tuning its audience per each message, thereby generating those valuable clicks. 

Personalized communications based on stated preferences ensures that your customers are no longer sending you to their junk mail folder. In fact, they’re eagerly opening messages, anticipating the insights that you, and you alone, have for them. When you connect the correct content to consumers, your brand is maximizing its opportunities for that all-important click-through. 

If you’re one of the marketers counting click-throughs this year, are you first making sure your audience is optimized?

About the Author: 
Rob Tate is the Director of Enterprise Sales at PossibleNOW.

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