ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

Super Bowl Ads Use Robots And Your Data To Get Personal

Brands are at the ready to engage in personalized and spontaneous communications on social networks during the Super Bowl, thanks to a combination of pre-programmed technology and real-time human creativity. Click here to read more.

Nike To Create 100,000 Personalized Videos For Nike+ Users

Using data captured by Nike+ users in 2014, the company is creating customized videos based on the workout achievements of individuals. By using location, weather, activity and movement data, Nike is able to produce one-minute illustrated videos of a user's year that can be shared on social media.  Click here to read more.

In-Store Marketing Will Use Biometrics to Target Shoppers

At the National Retail Federation conference in New York City, NEC Corporation of America is set to unveil new biometric technology that could be used to identify the demographics of shoppers. In-store marketing could then be adjusted based on gender, age, or even whether there’s a VIP shoppers (or shoplifter). Click here to read more.

Obama calls for data breach notification law, privacy bill of rights

President Obama calls on Congress to enact two bills to ensure online safety and privacy. The first would require companies experiencing data breaches to notify customers within 30 days. The second law would be a privacy bill of rights ensuring consumers can decide what pieces of personal data are collected and how the digital data is used. Click here to read more.

Overstock.com's Take on Customer Experience: Leave an Impression 

From site design to campaigns, Overstock.com keeps a focus on customer experience by tracking customer journeys on the site and looking for interactions that signal long-term engagement. J.P. Knab, Overstock.com's Vice President of Marketing, says that the company has moved away from short-term strategies in favor of creating consistent, branded relationships. Click here to read more.

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