ICYMI: Preferences, Privacy and Personalization in the News

CES 2015: Samsung calls for openness on net of things

In a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Boo Keun Yoo, chief executive of Samsung, urged other electronics firms to collaborate more openly. Samsung’s chief says the potential of technology and the opportunities for people to manage and personalize their smart gadgets will be lost unless appliances from other companies can communicate with each other. Click here for full story.

Cord Cutters Rejoice: Dish Is Bringing Live Sports to Internet TV

Dish Network just announced its newest product: online streaming called Sling TV. The service is noteworthy because it includes live programming as well as on-demand content from channels including ESPN - a game-changer for younger demographics who’ve cut the cable cord, or in fact never subscribed to it, and instead use Netflix and Hulu for entertainment. The network’s validation of changing attitudes about preference and value is sure to net them new subscribers. Click here for full story.

Customer Experience Lights the Way at Publix

Publix Super Markets, a grocery chain based in the Southeast, says that customer experience and engagement are essential to their long-term success. Constantly seeking feedback and opinions from customers and associates means their responses are considered when evaluating Publix’s buying decisions, products and new services. Click here for full story. 

How Cosmo saw a 200% increase in Facebook engagement with video content

When Cosmopolitan magazine began producing a series of videos specifically for its Facebook account, they found that engagement soared compared to regular content. The secret of their success was a combination of video titles that shaped viewers’ perception of the content while keeping in mind its ideal audience. Click here for full story.

Your phone says: “Cheer up!”

A startup called Beyond Verbal wants to harness the power of consumers’ voices so that technology can instantly sense your state of mind. Emotional-analytics software could be used in phones, fitness gadgets and cars and could tell whether you’re excited, sad, or have even had one too many drinks - then engaging technology’s customized response to the situation. Click here for full story.

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